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Check out our frequently asked questions to get the solutions you’re looking for when it comes to browsing for Costa Rica properties, signing up for our personalized newsletter or listing a home with CASA.

Questions about CASA Costa Rica Real Estate

Does CASA earn a commission from houses that sell?

NO, NEIN, NIL, NON, NIET, NU NEVER. We will never take a commission or act as a realtor for any properties or listings. CASA is merely a search engine for buyers and a marketing platform for real estate agents, agencies and homes that are for sale by owner. We do not and will not intervene in any negotiations or conversations between buyers and sellers.

Is CASA a real estate company?

No. Not in the slightest. The CASA team is made up of editors, writers and website developers. We believe it is a conflict of interest for any of our staff to be realtors.

Instead, think of us as a glorious search engine for Costa Rica real estate. We are basically a real estate directory, sort of similar to a MLS (multiple listing service) without all the rules, limited access and outrageous fees.

Because we offer subscriptions for our listings, we never take a commission on any homes that are sold through our website or see any correspondence between buyers and sellers.

Is CASA a Costa Rica MLS?

Yes. Sort of. Legally, there is no official Multiple Listing Service in Costa Rica.

That being said, we are definitely the only MLS-type website in Costa Rica that is 100% operated by non-realtors who never work off of commissions or are involved in real estate development. We are just a group of computer nerds who love Costa Rica and want to bring good home buyers and sellers together in one place.

BUYER BEWARE: Many real estate agency websites claim to be a MLS but in truth they might be using the label “MLS” as a way to get new clients to sign up with them or they grab leads from interested buyers for their own properties, bypassing the actual owner or listing agent. Be leary of any MLS that’s ran by a realtor or real estate company.

Do you charge to list Costa Rica properties for sale?

Yes. We charge a reasonable listing fee for our 6 month subscriptions for sellers and agents. We have multiple plans to cater to homes that are for-sale-by-owner, independent agents and real estate agencies. Our website is always free for home hunters and buyers.

The listing fees help to ensure that sellers are motivated and serious while also allowing us to host CASA completely advertisement and popup free, making home searches less of a headache.

Can I sign up for free with CASA?

Yes CASA will always be free for anyone looking to buy a home in Costa Rica. You can create a free personalized account as a buyer so you can save your searches and get automatic updates on new properties that meet your search parameters.

If you want to list a property then you can still create an account for free and then pick a package from your login dashboard to build the listing.

How do I contact an agent or agency if I see a property I like?

Every property page has an individual contact form that will email the agent or seller directly. Buyer and seller messages are completely encrypted and private; we don’t intervene at all or see any correspondences.

You can also click on their listing page to see all the properties available and their full contact info. You can browse all our agents as well.

Does CASA collect contact info or see email inquiries on properties?

Nope. In addition to never taking a commission, we never see any emails or communications between buyers and sellers. When someone inquires about a property, the email goes directly to the seller or agent’s email. We don’t know anything about it, nor do we collect any contact information when this happens.

The only time we retain email addresses is when someone registers with CASA and has accepted our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies in doing so. All email addresses remain confidential and are only used for direct correspondence about your account. We are completely GDPR compliant. No spam, ever.

(Additionally, because of this double blind communication, CASA cannot be held legally responsible for any negotiations that occur as a result of our website between buyers and sellers. We are just an advertising medium, not a real estate broker of any kind.)

What are Exclusive Listings?

Since there is no official or regulated MLS system in Costa Rica, people who use real estate agents to sell their property have the option of listing with multiple agents or agencies, or they can sign an exclusivity contract with a single agency, giving the chosen agent 100% promotion and negotiation rights. The same agent will typically act on behalf of both the buyer and seller once the property is under contract.

So when you see a property with the designation “Exclusive Listing” on CASA, you know that this agent or agency has full control of the sale, is current on any information regarding the property, and is in direct communication with the owner, making the buying and selling process easier on everybody. This label also ensures that there aren’t any duplicate properties on our website.

How does CASA manage Exclusive Listings versus Non-Exclusive Listings?

In order to keep the directory simple for everybody, we highly discourage duplicate property listings.

CASA is currently handling non-exclusive Costa Rica properties on a first come, first serve basis: the agent or agency that lists the property first maintains the rights to advertise it on our site.

However, these agents are not allowed to add the Exclusive Listing label to a property without an exclusivity contract between them and the owner. Properties without an Exclusive Listing or FSBO label are assumed to be non-exclusive.

Finally, any listing labeled For Sale By Owner must actually be FSBO and not under contract with any agents. Owners with agent contracts should contact their agent to request a listing on CASA rather than submitting themselves.

Any listings that are improperly labeled will be adjusted accordingly, along with an email notification to the listing entity.

Be warned: We understand the occasional honest mistake, however, we do reserve the right to remove sellers from the website if there are repeated blatant problems (but we really don’t like having to do that so please don’t make us be ‘that a-hole website admin’).

Any disputes over listings can be taken care of by contacting CASA directly at (but we’d really prefer if everyone plays nice and respects their fellow agents).

Can I market or list my property with other websites?

Yes absolutely! Since we’re not a real estate broker, signing up with CASA allows you to advertise your listing anywhere you’d like. We believe the more the merrier.

That being said, we do provide a pretty sweet seller’s webpage for agents and agencies along with custom URLs for all properties, so feel free to use CASA links as your personal online website if you don’t currently have your own.

If I have a real estate agent can I still list my property on CASA?

It depends on the contract you have with your agent.

While we don’t mind if you do, we really don’t want to step on any toes or encourage you to violate previous agreements.

If you currently have a real estate agreement and would like your property to be showcased on CASA, the best thing to do is discuss it over with your agent or ask that they list it on your behalf to keep everything Pura Vida.

Are CASA's agents and sellers licensed?

To be honest, some are and some aren’t. And here’s a few reasons why:

There are real estate certification programs available in Costa Rica and many agents are certified, but licensing is not required to call yourself an agent.

Obviously, For Sale By Owner properties will not be represented by a certified agent (although the owner should have a licensed lawyer to draw up the paperwork and register the property with the Costa Rica government) because it’s FSBO.

We want CASA to be an all-inclusive community for people to promote their properties online, from your Uncle Jose with a tiny home on the beach to Costa Rica’s largest real estate agencies and everything in-between.

While our open door policy is beneficial most of the time because it allows us to create the biggest MLS in Costa Rica, we strongly suggest that you do your due diligence on any agent or seller before signing a contract or making any payments.

Suspicious sellers will be removed from the directory, but since we are just an advertising medium, CASA is not legally responsible for buyer-seller problems, failed negotiations or scams.

Why do you use 6 month packages instead of monthly?

We’ve found that 6 months is the perfect amount of time to showcase your listing. A month is typically too short to really give your property the exposure it deserves, plus you don’t have to worry about getting a bill every month.

The other perk is that listings will never sit on CASA for more than 6 months without an update so sellers get the most accurate and current information.

Is your site secure?

We sure think so. We have a verified HTTPS security certificate for our domain and we never give out any information other than what’s listed on the public profiles.

We also use the latest behind-the-scenes security measures and a reputable hosting provider which provides daily backups of the entire website so that your accounts will never be lost or jeopardized. We take your security and privacy very seriously.

Questions about the CASA Affiliate Program

What is the CASA affiliate program?

Our affiliate program offers a 25% commission to our affiliates when they refer a friend or client to our website.

How much can I earn from the referral program?

Your earnings are unlimited depending on how many referrals you provide and how many times they renew their listing plan.

We offer a generous 25% commission for each referral, so here’s how much you will earn with our different plans if your referral lists their properties with CASA:

  • FSBO Plan $59 | Commission: $14.75
  • Single Agent Plan $299 | Commission: $74.75
  • Agency Plan $599 | Commission: $149.75

Payments are paid out automatically every month directly to your bank account.

Is it free to sign up for the affiliate program? Are there any fees?

Nope. Never. Our referral program will always be free to sign up and free to use. You can only make money by signing up as an affiliate. We will never charge you any kind of membership fees or processing charges.

How do I sign up for the referral program?

To become an affiliate just go to our affiliate page and submit your application. It’s free so you have nothing to lose.

How do I log in to my affiliate page?

You can log into your affiliate page using the sidebar login box on the affiliates page or you can use this direct link:

Do Affiliates earn commissions from property sales?

No. Affiliates or referrals to our website have no rights through CASA to claim any kind of sale commission from agents or sellers.

Affiliates are entitled to a 25% affiliate commission for the paid subscription fee when they refer someone who buys a CASA membership package using their individualized affiliate code or link.

After the referral is confirmed, Affiliates will not have access to any type of buyer-seller communication, thus preventing them from intercepting leads or having knowledge of sales.

Be warned: Any Affiliate attempting to coerce sales commissions from sellers will be dropped from the website without reimbursement and may be reported to the authorities if fraud is suspected.

(We really hate courtrooms and evicting people from the site; don’t make us be these a-holes. We just want to help people earn a little money with our kickback program, so please be respectful of the rules.)

Can I be both a buyer and an affiliate or can I be an affiliate if I have a seller account?

If you’ve registered an account with us as either a buyer or seller (or both), you are welcome to become an affiliate as well. Please note to register as an affiliate you will have to do a separate sign up through our referral page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look at our About page or contact us directly with any questions.